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Registration: $225 per child (non-refundable)

Participation fee per family: $150

(participation fee will be credited back once service hours are completed)

​Preschool families are also required to participate in the mandatory fundraisers and service hours.

OLG Parishioners

5 full days $6,164

3 full days $3,951

2 full days $2,466

5 full days $6,843

3 full days $4,403

2 full days $2,737

5 half days $4,931

3 half days $2,958

2 half days $1,972

5 half days $5,475

3 half days $3,286

2 half days $2,190

Our Lady of Guadalupe Preschool has year round, open enrollment for student's ages 2-5 (fully toilet trained). We are state licensed with qualified teachers. We care and nurture your child in a loving Catholic Christian environment that encourages development of the "whole person".

We offer full and half day session:

The morning session runs from: 

8:00am - 12:00pm.

Afternoon session from:

12:30pm - 4:00pm

Children are exposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church, academics, art, and music on a daily basis.

Preschool children attend Mass every Friday and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament once a month.

OLG Pre-School 

Preschool Rates 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Preschool Enrollment Procedure

All enrollment applications must be fully completed before admission is allowed. 

Proof of all up to date immunization records must be submitted before your child can attend preschool.

_____Copy of Birth Certificate

_____Copy of Baptism (applicable only if child has been baptized)

_____Copy of Immunization Records

_____ Preschool Physical - Physician’s Form (completed by child’s doctor) 

_____Contract with non-refundable registration fee

_____California School Immunization Record (complete the top part)

_____Consent for Medical Treatment

_____Parent’s Rights Form

_____Personal Rights Form

_____Child Abuse Form

_____Admission Agreement Form

_____Identification and Emergency Information Form

_____Child’s Pre-admission Health History

_____Consent for Services/Assessment/Screening

Note:  Your child must have a T.B. test clearance before entering preschool, unless your child’s physician marks the appropriate box on the physician form indicating a risk factor which does not require the T.B. test.


Our Lady of Guadalupe School