Change of clothes (please label with name)

 Small blanket and small pillow for nappers only (please labeled with name)
 Small crib size fitted sheet
 1 plastic shoe box with lid
 1 plastic pencil box
 1 box of dry erase fine tipped markers (black or any color)
 2 fat pencils
 2 pair small scissors
 1 box fat crayons
 2 bottles of tempera paint any color
 2 Elmer’s white glue bottles
 9 Elmer’s white glue sticks
 1 roll of masking tape (1 inch)
 1 box of white small envelopes
 1 painting paper pad (12x18)
 1 package of white construction paper (12x18)
 1 package of colored construction paper (12x18)
 1 assorted construction paper (9x12)
 3 reams of white copy paper
 1 ream of colored paper
 4 boxes of Kleenex tissue
 1 bag of cotton balls
 6 containers of Clorox wipes
 3 boxes of Dixie paper (5 oz)
 2 boxes of Dixie paper cups (3 oz)
 1 package of white paper plates
 2 packages of flushable moist wipes
 2 boxes zip lock bags (1 quart size and 1 gallon size)
 1 first aide ice pack (available at Dollar Tree)
 *$10 misc. fee for material such as art, science supplies and printer ink….
* Students need to have all school supplies by the end of the first week.
Thank you!

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Pre-School Supply List