Dear Student Body,

How blessed we are to have you as members of our school family of faith. Our Lady of Guadalupe School is not only about acquiring knowledge for our minds, but also about knowing Our Lord, Jesus Christ. We share a common faith as members of his Church. We come and worship together at the Eucharist where communion with him makes us his Body. How blessed you are to have this great gift of education for your mind, heart and soul. This foundation should serve you all throughout life. 

Please appreciate always what you have at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Realize how much your parents, teachers, staff, school board, parishioners, and benefactors sacrifice to give you this most precious gift of an excellent human and Catholic education. With this gift, you will be able to listen to your vocation, what God is calling you to do with your life. You will be able to make right decisions and avoid the errors that can cause lifelong hurt. You will be able to find fulfillment and peace of soul in this life. You will be able to make positive contributions to Church, society and your local community. Most importantly of all, you will be able to one day reach the perfect joy of Eternal life.

May many blessings come upon you this year and always.

Ft. Larry Toschi, O.S.J.