The History Our Lady of Guadalupe School had its beginning in 1921 as a mission school for Mexican children and was founded by the Most Rev. Phillip G. Scher, Bishop of Monterrey-Fresno, when he was pastor of St. Francis parish, Bakersfield.  The school then known as Our Lady of Lourdes School was located on N and 14th Streets and was taught by two Sisters of Mercy, Sister M. Aquin Heemes and Bavier McCann, who came daily from St. Francis school. In 1925, the three classrooms comprising the school were moved to their present location and four Sisters of Mercy, headed by Sister Mary Berchmans, came to take charge.The school opened in 1925 and had 71 pupils.  The first year the school had only the first six grades; the other grades were added successively during the next two years. First eighth grade graduates in 1928 were Socora Mora, Lottie Valenzula, Marie Mora, Eudosia Gamino, Ralph del Rio and Margaret Contreras. Chief problem of the early days was the acquiring of the books.  There were no parish funds available and the children were unable to buy them.  Through the interest aroused in Mrs. Julia Babcock, for many years Kern County Librarian, the necessary books were supplied by the Kern County Free Library.  This source of supply existed for a number of years, until the school was able to procure its own.Health instruction and care were so vital a necessity in the early days of the school that the Sisters established a clinic for the benefit of the children and the instructions of the parents.  This clinic was enlarged and the services increased in 1927, through the efforts of Mrs. Fred Boswell.  In recent years the annual health program of the school has grown to outstanding proportions. In 1928 two additional classrooms were built on to the original three.  The parish church was built the same year; prior to its completion, the partitions between the classrooms were taken down each Friday evening, and the rooms were converted into a chapel where Mass was said on Sunday.  Even after the church was built, the classrooms continued to serve as a hall until the present parish hall was erected in 1941.Our lady of Guadalupe School is now operated by the Sisters Servants of the Blessed Sacrament.  It has now developed to a point where there are three teaching Sisters, a Sister as School Principal, twelve lay teachers, four administration and support staff.  The school offers updated programs, choir, band, library, sports, and a computer lab to enhance education.