The Religious Sisters who live and teach at Our Lady of Guadalupe School, students, teachers, and parents seek sponsors for each lap they run, jog, or walk in one hour.  Sponsors can pledge a certain amount of money per lap or a flat donation, which is to be paid at the time the pledge is made.  The laps are totaled at the end of one hour to determine the sponsorship amount per lap.

Our Lady of Guadalupe holds several fund raisers throughout the year.  Most of them are for the benefit

of our general school fund; allowing us to operate and provide school and sports supplies to our children. 

We have one annual fundraiser "Penny Wars" which is for assistance of an outside charity.  For more information on our fund raising events select an event below.  In addition to the main school events, individual classrooms, sports teams, or school groups may hold their own fund raisers to offset their costs.

$140 per ticket includes dinner for two 


Enriching lives one child at a time


Our Lady of Guadalupe School