Erasers as needed                                                               Post-Its                                                                            

Pens (red, black, blue) 4 of each                                        3 ring binder with pockets                               

Pencils (wooden or mechanical) as needed                       Index cards and binder ring                        

Correction pen/tape (white out)                                         College-Ruled Lined binder paper                                 

4 assorted color highlighters                                              Pocket folders with clasp                                                               

1 box color pencils and/or markers                                    2 Green Pocket Folder
Hand Held Pencil Sharpener                                              Plastic pencil bag 

Divider/Tabs (at least 6)                                                    Water Colors

Glue sticks                                                                         Backpack
Glue bottle                                                                         White Construction Paper (9x18)

Plastic box easy snap lid                                                   4 reams of white copy paper

Scissors                                                                             1 ream of colored paper 

Sheet protectors                                                                3 Large kleenex boxes 

Homework planner (buy from the office)                        2 Antibacterial wipes 

Dry Erase Markers                                                           1 Hand Sanitizer with pump 

Small hand-held Stapler & Staples                                  $5 misc. fee for computer ink 

Hand-held hole puncher



Bible: Catholic Youth Bible and Break Through by St. Mary’s Press or Fireside Catholic Bible

You Cat (you can purchase it used online, or new at local stores, RE office or online)

1 College-Ruled Composition Book (no spiral notebooks please) 


Kindle Membership and Audible (Optional) Recommended for Literature. Visit the following web sites for more information (https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/hz/signup?_encoding=UTF8&*entries*=0&*Version*=1), and Audible at (http://www.audible.com/)


​Scientific Calculator (preferably solar-powered)

 Ruler, Protractor, and Compass 

Spiral notebook (for Science)


1 pack of hole punched graph-ruled paper

PLTW engineering notebook (In the office $3)

1 graph-ruled notebook for Science

Roll of Duct Tape

Roll of Scotch Tape

Set of Playdoh


 Reusable water bottle- to be brought filled with water  on daily basis

 Students should have all their school supplies by the end of the first week. Please talk to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Blessings! 6th grade home room teacher.

Supply List 2018 - 2019

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