Our Lady of Guadalupe School

1 Elmer Glue Bottle
2 white glue sticks
1 plastic pencil box
1 box of crayons- 16 or 24 count
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 folders w/ 2 pockets along bottom of each (no trapper keepers)
24 #2 pencils already pre sharpened ( no mechanical pencils)
1 highlighter (any color)
1 red ballpoint pen (no felt tip)
2 dry erase markers (dark colors)
5 composition notebooks (no spiral notebooks)
2 pink erasers (pink pearl)
Several pencil top erasers
1 box of washable markers classic colors
1 pencil sharpener
1 pair of scissors
1 ruler
1 pack of index cards
1 box of colored pencils
1 container of Clorox Wipes
2 Reams of white copy paper
2 Ream of Colored copy paper
1 pack of white cardstock paper
2 packs of graph paper
1 pack of binder paper
1 Homework planner (purchased in school office please)
$5  Misc Fee ( ink cartridge  & misc supplies)

​Students must have supplies by the end of the first week.

Thank You

​Sister Irma

Supply List 2018 - 2019

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