1  backpack
1  12 inch ruler with cm and inches
3  plastic folders with brads and pockets (1-green, 1-red, 1-blue)
4  Composition notebooks
1  pair of scissors
4  big erasers
1  glue bottle
4  glue sticks
2  pens (red)
1  highlighter (yellow)
3  #2 pencil boxes (we always have a real need for pencils)
1  sharpener with cover
1  small plastic pencil box
1  Shoe plastic box for school supplies
1  box of washable markers
4  dry erase markers
2  Kleenex boxes
1  bottle Clorox wipes
3  reams of white copy paper
2  ream of color copy paper (pastel colors)

$6.00 for First Communion refreshments. (Second grade is in charge to provide the refreshments for Third Grade, First Communion).

Please write student’s name in their supplies and make sure your child has these supplies before the end of the first week of school.

Thank you,
Sr. Leticia Ramirez, SJS

Supply List 2019- 2020

Our Lady of Guadalupe School


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